Artificial sand for construction

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Construction buildings need a lot of sand, but the sand quality requirements also varies, comparing these two, the main differences…

Construction buildings need a lot of sand, but the sand quality requirements also varies, comparing these two, the main differences between artificial sand and natural sand are the adverse rough appearance and shape . Appearance rough and the shape less round caused the adverse impact to the concrete pouring liquidity, this poor liquidity will cause voids in the concrete, which impact the construction quality directly. Therefore, the quality of artificial sand is mainly appears on the rough appearance and the shape circular degree , In addition, the raw materials of artificial sand and the limits of the other compound materials are the important problems that building industry and manufacturing industries must face.

Artificial sand for construction

The professional artificial sand for construction supplier

The quality of the artificial sand seriously impacts the price of the artificial sand. As the professional artificial sand for construction supplier, we provide the a full set of the artificial sand for construction .the devices include jaw crusher, impact crusher ,cone crusher, and vertical shaft crushers and other support equipment. With high-end technology innovation ability, make the enterprise enjoying high reputation in the industry, firm the successful experience of the enterprise in all over the country the installation of sets of sand and gravel materials production line. Our company is according to master the artificial sand production technology and experience, with the world development level, constantly reinvent artificial sand production process and process, and the three artificial sand production process: simple screening process, with sand level adjustment process flow, the sand fineness modulus adjustment technological process, triangulate them and practice, the author summarized the international market demand for sand production process.

Artificial sand for construction

The feature of professional equipment of artificial sand for construction

1. High capacity, high productivity–50-500t/h, the output is 30% higher than the traditional sand maker under the same power.

2. Low consumption of wearable parts— best design of crushing chamber impact angle, little friction with the wearable parts, 30% lower running cost compared with traditional equipments, and reduced the use cost directly.

3. Excellent shape of final products— cubic products shape, good granule, reasonable grading, adjustable fineness modulus, especially suitable for artificial sand make and stone reshaping. The practice has showed that the effect of this series sand maker can improve 30% output in the process of sand making and stone reshaping than the traditional equipment.

4. Easy installation and maintenance — light weight, various installation ways, movable installation; The installation, repair and maintenance are easy, the operation is convenient. Once it is used for specific application, VSI sand maker only need to be adjusted very little, then it can reach the maximum performance.